More bunny capers! As Alex Z reported yesterday, a Portland woman is searching for her pet rabbits, after coming home to find a passive-aggressive note from alleged animal rights activists who felt her bunnies should not be living in a hutch outside.

The bunny-nappers wrote that they had stolen the bunnies in order to provide them a better home: "They will be given a roomy home indoors during this cold, wet weather."

BUT. Bunny owner Fiona Petra emailed today with an update:

Truly (the brown bunny) was found dazed, exhausted, and traumatized on a street corner in Milwaukie. I am furious, and hoping his brother will be returned soon. A woman found him and then saw the KOIN feature and contacted me. I guess that was their idea of a better home?
Thanks for the help finding my friends,

Old Money, the white rabbit, is still missing. I repeat. Old Money is still missing.