Here's the video for Mint Julep's "Why Don't We," the last track on their brand new album Save Your Season. Directed by Tomas Mankovsky, it's a gripper, with a bunch of costumed, masked figures walking slowly through a darkened landscape. Every now and then, one of them jumps face first into the center of a ring. It's like a masquerade ball that's gone all Lord of the Flies or something, set against a insistent, inviting synth-pop song.

But, more importantly, just who is Mint Julep? It's yet another project from Portlander Keith Kenniff, a composer and musician who records music for film and television and also releases records under the names Helios and, most recently, Goldmund. His Unseen Music site describes all his various projects.

Mint Julep is Kenniff joined by his wife Hollie—that's her singing—and the record, which was released on UK label Village Green is also available at most digital retailers. We're hoping they decide to do a local live show—we'll keep you posted.

End Hits: And garnish with a fresh spring of mint.