People keep insisting Occupy Portland is running out of gas. Occupy Portland—and others will disagree whether this a good or a bad thing—keeps proving those people wrong.

Saturday, December 3, is looking like another Big Day for the movement. Occupiers on Monday night voted to hold a massive rally that afternoon at the Salmon Springs Fountain, and then march to a new campsite at a still-secret location. The plan has been weeks in the works, but organizers are closely guarding the details lest police get word of what's coming.

Bring your tents, your sleeping bags, and prepare yourself for a night of non-violent protest while we celebrate the reoccupation of another park with live music and a showing of the film Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse. Bring your own musical instruments, hula hoops, food for the potluck and positive attitudes! We will be having a Reoccupation Open Forum starting at 2PM at Salmon Springs Fountain at the south end of Waterfront Park. THEN WE MARCH, starting at 3PM, to occupy another park! We have our committees, our working groups, and our experience from the previous occupation. We have a plan, we have sustainability, and we have security culture.

But while there was consensus at the meeting where this idea was approved, it should be noted there's hardly consensus among the broader movement. Comics journalist Matt Bors, a Mercury pal, was live-tweeting last night's Occupy spokes council meeting and reported that some occupiers, especially the group's women's caucus, aren't so sure the new "security culture" will do enough to solve some of the safety concerns that emerged in the previous camp.

The reoccupation rally comes hours before a town hall on the future of Occupy Portland at the First Unitarian Church downtown. The church has been a staunch Occupy ally, helping occupiers find housing after the eviction and hosting meetings before and after. The town hall, which needs RSVPs by Thursday, is planned for 5:30 PM.

Beyond that, Occupy Portland has joined a call issued by Occupy groups up and down the West Coast to shut down Pacific Ocean ports on December 12. And there is also a tentative proposal to storm Chapman and Lownsdale squares on December 6, tear down the fences that remain in place some two weeks after the eviction, and start raking all the leaves and cleaning the place.

Update 2:45PM:
Mayor Sam Adams' office says "all parks rules will be enforced at all parks," and that no structures will be allowed. However,"demonstrating is allowed during the hours parks are open, as long as all park rules are followed."