World AIDS Day: Is today! Obama pledges that to "beat this disease."

Occupy Less In Tents: With over 1,200 police sweeping away the Occupy LA camp, most of the American Occupy camps are gone—what's next?

To the Landfill! Speaking of Occupy LA, their 30 tons of debris left behind after the raid are going to the landfill—personal possessions and all.

About Those Dead Soldiers... The US refuses to apologize for a NATO airstrike that accidenally killed Pakistani soldiers.

Myanmar Money: Hillary Clinton meets with Myanmar's legendary pro-democracy leader and promises help.

WikiLeaks: The Play! Ugh.

Apple's Abortion Flub: The makers of the iPhone 4 are apparently scrambling after the "unintentional" omission of "abortion" from Siri's vocab.

Kentucky Church Goes Retro: A congregation votes to ban interracial couples.

Band Nerd Hazing: Is apparently a real and terrible thing.

Artist Puts Googly Eyes on Everything. I'm for it!