I am happily married woman, married for many years, and I have a really great sex life with my husband. I enjoy a lot of the weirdness that my husband talks me into; he's helped me discover things I didn't know about myself, and so far I have liked most of it. So here is my problem: 3 years ago my first love contacts me after 23 years. He was married as well, although he really didn't want to be, and he tells me that he never stopped loving me and wants to be with me and no one else. He says he hasn't had sex in a VERY LONG TIME... We have had sexy e-chats and I know what he is "working" with if u know what I mean, and I am very interested. I have shown him how good the years have been to my body. The result was explosive :-)

My husband knows about our past and knows how my ex still feels about me. My ex even asked if I would have a 3some with him and my husband, I told him that would be too weird for me. My husband says that I can help him out if I wish. My husband is very "GGG" and loving. What I want to know is what would you do in my situation? Please help.

Chick With 2 Dicks

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What would I do in this situation? Besides thank my lucky stars, kiss my loving, GGG, indulgent, open-minded husband, and fuck the shit out of the other guy?

A few things, CW2D.

I would think long and hard—brain hard, not crotch hard—about the potential powderkegginess of this whole situation. Not the powderkegginess of the-having-sex-with-someone-other-than-my-husband-with-my-husband's-permission situation, but the possibile-shitstorm-that-could-ensue-after-fucking-this-particular-someone-who-isn't-my-husband situation.

This Particular Someone says he's still in love with you, CW2D. Are you still in love with TPS? If you're not, what happens if fucking TPS reignites dormant feelings for TPS? What happens if you don't feel any more strongly about TPS after fucking him than you do now, CW2D, but TPS decides that you are the one-and-only love of his life and that he absolutely has have you to all to himself?

TPS isn't some random dude. He's a dude with whom you have a history, CW2D, and as such TPS could present—or become—a threat to the stability of your happy, fulfilling, GGG marriage. So could some completely random dude you met on the street or online, of course, but the emotional stakes and potential for complications are much, much higher with TPS.

So before you do this—before you do TPS—think (brain)hard about these issues, CW2D, and discuss them at length with your husband, who might feel differently about you fucking this particular someone else after he gives it some more thought. And then, if you decide to go ahead, be very clear with TPS about what you're interested in, e.g., friendship, sex, affection, and what you're not interested in, e.g. leaving your husband, getting back together with TPS, acquiring a stalker, etc., before you "help him out."