Today's top pick for shopping: One Night Stand, the inaugural event being held at ADX by Student Stylists, a fledgling company that connects employers with current students and recent graduates of fashion-related programs. The clients get a good rate, and the students get paid something for their time in addition to gaining valuable work experience (with potential future employers no less).

But tonight's less about business, and much more about the impressive roster of vendors they've assembled for an event that's "dedicated to keeping your holiday shopping local, easy, and really fun," complete with complimentary catering and big-kid beverages, a goofy holiday-themed photobooth (think corny hand-painted backdrops of reindeer and ugly sweaters). Click over to MOD for the full lineup.

Laura Irwin knit, of the Haunt Collective
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  • Laura Irwin knit, of the Haunt Collective