Walnuts hand-stitched can cage
  • Walnut's hand-stitched can cage
Earlier this week, I may have ranted about how it's screwed up to promote a day of maxing out credit cards at big box stores as some sort of national holiday.

BUT there are are plenty of places to spend money that support creative local makers and the Portland economy. There's a million craft fairs from now until Christmas and the one I'm most excited about is Bike Craft this weekend.

Over 50 bikey individuals and small-scale businesses roll out their best stuff at Sandbox Studio (420 NE 9th Ave) this Saturday and Sunday from 11am-6pm. I've gone for the past three years and it's always been fun—I don't really need a knitted U-Lock cozie or a leather-crafted PBR holder, but there are lots of super-practical items and it's cool to meet a table after table of artistic people who come out of the woodwork for the event.