Printing is fun for everyone.
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  • Printing is fun for everyone.

Maybe it’s the Holiday season and the inherent gift-appeal of prints (art that’s handmade but cheap). Or maybe Portland truly does love its printmaking. Either way, a week ago I wrote this piece on printmaking, and related newsletters continue to glut my inbox. Even at the grocery store yesterday, I picked up an issue of the Believer and a nice big article (a think-piece on the preservation of the art, oddly ‘nough) on letterpress and type foundries stared me in the face.

What's that you say? You don't care? Well, maybe the sheer volume of opportunities will make you care! From the big Prints for PICA sale, to IPRC classes, to Holiday shows, you can learn how to print, buy a print, or just look at some; we've compiled them all into a tidy package for you. Click the jump to pique your fancy.

Here’s your chance to learn a new art form: the handy dandy Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) offers letterpress classes this month (it’s for members only—but IPRC membership is a pittance). As well as a screenprinting class this weekend. IPRC, 917 SW Oak #218, Dec 2, 10, 17.

On the subject of IPRC, you ever visit the C.C. Stern Type Foundry? Dunno what that is? Well, IPRC cofounder Rebecca Gilbert helped start it in March of this year. Apparently it possesses "one of the largest collections of Monotype casting matrices in the United States." If your interest in type is sparked after all these happenings, you might want to make an appointment and visit this great, rare resource. C.C. Stern Type Foundry, 8900 NE Vancouver Way, open third Saturday of every month from 11-3 pm, and by appointment.

Print Arts Northwest has some happenings. First, their Holiday Print Sale on Mississippi Ave, with benefits going to the Albina Youth Opportunity School. Albina Youth Opportunity School. 3710 North Mississippi Ave. 11-4 pm. AND, a Holiday show. Washington County Museum, on PCC Rock Creek Campus, 17677 NW Springville, Mon-Sat 10-4:30 pm.

Atelier Meridian is holding their annual Holiday Party and Print Sale. I went last year. It’s fun. You print your own card (even as a novice), or you buy a print and help pay for Atelier’s studio costs. It's happening tonight! Atelier Meridian, 665 N Tillamook, Dec 2, 6-9 pm.

Prints for PICA. This is the big event, with over 100 local (awesome) artists who’ve made monoprints in PICA’s studios and are now selling them for the organization, ranging from $50-250. If you can afford a print, you should probably buy one. Lux, 500 NW 14th, Dec 17, 6-9 pm.

Children’s Printmaking Workshop. In addition to Prints for PICA, PICA is offering this fun, hands-on tutorial for the kiddos. Lux, 500 NW 14th, Dec 18, 10 am—12 pm, 2 pm—4 pm, $15 PICA Members/$20 General.

Family Day: Celebrating Japanese Prints. This is a month away, but it sounds pleasant, with possible kabuki stage makeup included! It’s in association with the awesome Japanese print show currently up at the Portland Art Museum. Jan. 15, noon-4pm, free with museum admission.

On that topic, have you seen the big exhibition of Japanese prints (The Artist's Touch the Craftsman's Hand) at the Portland Art Museum? WHY THE HELL NOT?? Go see it. It's great. The design, the colors, the characters, the narratives, etc., it will wow you—artist, comics artist, anyone at all. PAM, 1219 SW Park, runs through Jan 22.

Obviously, there's tons of events going on. If we've missed something, let us know in the comments!

And image from last years Prints for PICA.
  • Tim Kamerer/PICA
  • And image from last year's Prints for PICA.