Watch this video. It's short.

So that was a glimpse of one of the more interesting facets of Occupy Portland's future.

The movement's Media Collective is hoping to raise $2,000 in hopes of fueling an ad campaign, based around that video, "to take our message to audiences in a more direct and proactive fashion" and "transition from protest encampments to a larger movement that attracts and activates a far greater proportion of the 99%." They're banking that a message based on personal debt and bank reform will resonate wide and far.

Collective member John Coghlan says the donations (read all about it at the campaign's Loudsauce page) will help place the video in front of "content related to the financial industry, our chosen demo, in Portland." A small ad on the video, which currently resides on YouTube, right now brings people to, the movement's website.

The professional production, says Coghlan, was assembled by Ira Flowers, who started working on the the project not long after October 6. Flowers' production company, Lions&Tigers, covered all the costs of the production (which clearly weren't cheap) and "generously donated the spot to Occupy Portland." All cash raised, after fees related to hosting the accounts, will be used to buy ad space.

Depending on how this campaign goes, Coghlan says, the collective is planning something even more ambitious.

"The next project, which is in pre-production and will be finished in 30 days, will hopefully run on TV," he says. "It should time out that this first campaign will run when the second is fund-raising."