Good morning, internet. How exciting that Thanksgiving is over and sweet Thursday night television came back to us! Kind of. I frowned at my TV a lot last night. Did you all? Let's discuss.


I was so happy Community was on last night! I thought it had already gone on hiatus, but it looks like we’ve still got another week. Last night’s episode was a great balance of Community's inaccessible nerd shit and honest goofy sweetness.

Let’s start with the B Story: Annie breaks Abed’s extended-extended director’s cut of new Batman. While Annie and Troy are fully aware that Abed knows the let’s-replace-something-we-broke-before-he-notices sitcom story arc, they go for it anyway. This was, I think, primarily a way to get Abed back into his Batman suit and using his gravelly Batman voice. Not a big plot mover, but it was funny and cute.

The A story, anime, and Parks and Rec below this jumpy!

Okay, this A story makes this episode one of the weirdest yet. Jeff has Shirley teach him foosball tricks so he can battle some German guys he smartly labels deutschebags. (I really want to meet some German assholes so I can call them deutschebags. Anybody know anybody for me to abuse?) There are a couple of flashbacks and we learn that Shirley beat Jeff at foosball when they were kids and was so mean about it that Jeff peed his pants, which caused him to change his life and get super into hair gel and stuff. Instead of challenging these two fantastic comedic actors by having them poignantly yell out their emotions, the show inexplicably broke into an amime segment where cartoon Jeff and Shirley argue. Once more: the show inexplicably broke into an anime segment where cartoon Jeff and Shirley argue. Was this to be awesome, or was this referencing some obscure Japanese movie from the 80s that I don’t know about? Nerds, chime in please. Whatever it was, I fucking loved it. This show is fucking weird.

Oh, and where the hell were Britta and Pierce? Did I miss something?

Parks and Recreation

In last night’s episode, Ben and Leslie, while holding hands, confess to Chris that they are dating, and shit goes down. Chris sets up a hearing to figure out how busted Ben and Leslie are going to be.

Folks, I’m gonna be rilly real and maybe kinda controversial: I was not that into last night’s episode.

I love Ben and Leslie. Love the shit out of them. But they have been the primary story in most recent episodes. I don’t want us to be tired of Ben and Leslie! Can we not chill out on them for a few weeks, focus on some other Parks department shenanigans, then maybe save this big face-off for later? I mean, Ron Swanson had that great moment last night where he learned what google earth could see and he threw away his computer — why not let that play out for more lols? And we learn that Jerry is actually named Gary but that isn’t revealed until the end credits? Does Rashida Jones even work on this show any more??

Tons of girl blogs I follow are squee-ing all over the place about Ben and Leslie’s confession of love for each other, but I just can’t hang with it. Tell me I’m not crazy, guys. Tell me that this is becoming just too much, too quickly. I mean, this is an ensemble show, right? Ensemble that shit!

What did you all think?

I’m not gonna get into The Office because I didn’t really watch it last night because I got my dog a Santa costume and, duh, I had to take pictures of him wearing it. And I’m not gonna get into Whitney, either, because that show is a steaming box of turds and an insult to humanity.