There's a Daisy Duke pantload (meaning maybe three or four) new I, Anonymooses for you to peruse including this guy who not only complains about pedestrians who don't wear lights, but bicyclists whose lights are too bright!

If you go walking on an mostly UNLIT path, bring something I can see from a distance when I'm hauling ass toward you. I can't see shit when I'm staring down another cyclist heading in the opposite direction and they've decided the best way to be seen on a multi-use pathway where there are NO FUCKING CARS is to strap a fucking LIGHT HOUSE to the front of their bike and point it at my face.

So I should stop, give the pedestrian my light, and wait for him to walk to the bike store so he can buy me a light that isn't so bright. GOT IT. (Thank god for I, Anonymous is all I can say!) Drop off your own tidbits of totally unusable advice here! They make us laugh!!