I'm still not entirely convinced that The Cabin in the Woods is actually going to come out, as advertised, on April 13; the film's been rotting on a shelf at MGM for approximately 4,000 years. Directed by Buffy and Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard, the film stars Thor's Chris Hemsworth (Cabin's been sitting on a shelf since before Hemsworth was cast as Thor, to give you some idea of its age) and that kid who played Xander 2.0 on Dollhouse; at first, it looks to be yet another entry in the boring fictional-teenagers-get-slaughtered-for-real-life-teenagers'-entertainment genre.

HOWEVER. This trailer? It's kind of badass and weird and surprising, and while I suspect it shows too much—this seems, already, like a movie that's better the less you know going in—it definitely raises expectations. I'm really looking forward to this thing. Provided, you know, it comes out, and this isn't all a particularly malicious prank on overly patient Whedon obsessives.