As always, there was a plethora of new I, Anonymooses added to the crap pile over the weekend—including one from someone who I'm pretty sure doesn't know what I, Anonymous is for... but what the heck! It made me laugh anyway, and gets my vote for "best title ever!" That being said, here's one that will piss off anybody who is both anti-misogynist and anti-California.

Move here, settled into an apartment, got a job and went on the hunt for some tail. Bar after bar, street after street and store after store filled with frumpy, chubby girls. What's with all the layers, even in the summer? Jesus, I'd give my left nut just to see a California girl. Think I'm being a dick? Well, I've never heard ANY songs written about Portland girls, so there.

Augghh! This guy is the worst!! Read the rest here, and be sure to vote in our always scientifically accurate Anony-Poll, so this guy may one day realize how full of shit he is. The I, Anonymous Blog: Your misspelled and incomprehensible rants are always welcome here.