Portland music videographers Into the Woods unveiled their long-awaited video of local band Hosannas recording inside Mt. St. Helens' Ape Cave at their quarterly showcase on November 27, and here's the video for all to see. Ape Cave is a lava tube running off the volcano, and has long been one of Hosannas' favorite places—you'll remember that, for a brief second there, the band called itself Ape Cave, after switching from the name Church but before settling on Hosannas.

Hence the name of Into the Woods' new series: Favorite Places. They've been prepping this Hosannas video for a long time; the shoot dates back to September 14, 2010, when the band and crew snuck into the cave in the middle of the night for a guerrilla shoot. All went well, no limbs were lost, and no lava came tumbling down the passage; the result is a stunning video with an uncannily gorgeous backdrop. Into the Woods has two further episodes of Favorite Places coming down the lava tube—er, pipeline, with shoots from both Purple & Green and Like a Villain (who memorably guested at AU's magnificent show last week) coming soon.

End Hits: This is much better than the video of my band, Chip and the Salsas, playing with that dirty old innertube.