Twin Suicide Attacks in Kabul: A major attack aimed at Shiite Muslims takes 58 lives.

The Cost of a Stable Afghanistan? A mere $10 billion a year.

Romney Hid Record: The squeaky-clean Republican candidate spent $100,000 to hide his records as governor by completely replacing his office's computers.

Get Out the (White) Vote: The NAACP is petitioning the UN to condemn new US laws that they say will disenfranchise black and Latino voters.

Thin Skins: The Indian government asks Google and Facebook to screen content that might "offend" Indians.

Putin-ative Measures: Amateur videos effectively catch pro-Putin voter fraud across Russia. Meanwhile, the country jails opposition leaders.

Robin Hood Tax: Protesters wear funny little hats in support of a wee little tax on stock trades.

Read all About It! Amanda Knox signs a book deal.

Muppets Are Communist! Fox anchor complains of the new Muppet movie pushing a liberal agenda... like friendship?

Think Your Commute is Bad? Check out this time lapse video of traffic in Ho Chi Minh City.