Goodreads just released their readers' best-of list, which is interesting, I guess, as it reflects the broad preferences of an engaged community of readers, and also probably the aggressive campaigning of a few of the authors. (I like Goodreads a lot in theory, but in practice their star ranking system stresses me out, and every now and then I have to guiltily remove books from my shelf that I've been ostensibly reading for 227 days or whatever.) I've never read the "Favorite Book of 2011," Victoria Roth's Divergent—in fact, the only book on the entire list I've read is A Dance with Dragons, which I recently re-enjoyed via Lindy West, who tweeted her way through the book's ending a few days ago.

Gwenyth Paltrow's widely-mocked cookbook won "Best Food and Cooking," which reminded me to go check on The Danny Gwyneth Project, a blog in which the no-longer-local Danny Gottleib attempts to cook his way through the entirety of Paltrow's book. He's still plugging away. Good ol' internet.