NASA may have found another Earth.

Although it's 600 light years away and considerably larger than our own planet, Kepler-22b (we win with the catchier name) maintains a 72-degree climate, marking it as a "habitable planet." The NASA scientists behind the discovery remain vague about the distant planet, suggesting a lot more research and investigation is needed. Nonetheless, I'm interested.

Okay, so maybe NASA's cried wolf over similar planets before, but Kepler-22b scientists say that this time, it may be different.

Previous research hinted at the existence of near-Earth-size planets in habitable zones, but clear confirmation proved elusive. Two other small planets orbiting stars smaller and cooler than our sun recently were confirmed on the very edges of the habitable zone, with orbits more closely resembling those of Venus and Mars. - NASA news release

Prepare yourself, earthlings.