If you missed their stunning set at Mississippi Studios last week, here's your chance to hear the brand-new AU song "Solid Gold," which graces the side of their new 7-inch single, out now on Hometapes in a limited edition of 500. The song will also appear on their new full-length, Both Lights, due out in March. With a deceptively languid beginning, "Solid Gold" quickly kicks into gear with the musical virtuosity of the duo of Luke Wyland and Dana Valatka in full effect. Also, that's Holland Andrews (Like a Villain) on vocals and Colin Stetson on saxophone. Apart from all the other musical wonders AU is responsible for, the one that most impresses me is their deft, seemingly instinctual creation of a musical style that completely evades a label. Classical thrash jazz? Madcap carnival stomp? Rapid-shutter gospel anarcho-folk prog?

Okay, I'll stop.


AU - "Solid Gold"

A download's at Soundcloud. Meanwhile, the single is available over at Hometapes and the download is at Bandcamp for purchasin'. I think there's a holiday coming that encourages gift giving—that might just be a rumor, though—but, you know. Not a bad idea. Also, that Bandcamp page has a stream of the single's B-side (which won't be on Both Lights) as well.

End Hits: Solid gold, all the way.