Over on Sub Pop's site, Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes—who's currently calling Oregon home when he's not on the road—revealed his top 10 favorite, uh, things in 2011. (He includes records as well as Breaking Bad, and, awesomely, Van Dyke Parks' business card in his list.) But most intriguing is what he's got at number seven:
7. The album “To My Long Lost Love” by an anonymous Portland musician. Easily the new album I’ve listened to most.
To My: Long Lost Love is a record by an anonymous local artist that's been spotted on vinyl at some Portland record stores, and there are a couple tracks up on Bandcamp which you can check out. Take a listen over there; the track "If You Say So" is a whirly, slow-daze pop tune with some coming-down-off-brown-acid undertones. "Believe It or Not," meanwhile, sounds exactly like the theme to The Greatest American Hero a little like Elliott Smith, perhaps, with strings over a musty bed of piano. There's some Beach Boy drowse and an Odessey and Oracle-type affinity for the mellotron string sound in these tunes. No immediate guesses as to who's responsible for To My: Long Lost Love, but we'll keep you posted.

End Hits: "Flying away on a wing and a prayer—who could it be?"