Uh-oh! Somebody used a cell phone in a coffee shop! UH-OH!!

Message to random hipster customer at coffee shop, who does not work there, who lectured me about when and where I am allowed to talk on a cell phone:

Wake up, it is 2011, not 1898. I understand that you think someone is only cool if they wear turn of the century Circus Costumes or Pirate Suits. But please, stop judging everyone around you by appearances. Just because I look like a business person and not a Carny, doesn't mean that I am caught up in greed, disrespectful, and a menace to your misguided sense of freedom.

As long as I am not wasting someone else's time, or talking in a loud voice and disturbing people, how is this different from you talking with your friend next to you?

WELL? How is it different? If at all? Let this cell phone "Chatty Cathy" know if he did anything wrong by chiming in here, and while you're farting around, why not drop off your own deeply offended I, Anonymous rant? The I, Anonymous Blog: It's like talking quietly to a friend right next to you!