IFC—the home of (not) everyone's favorite sketch comedy Portlandia—is now actively branding themselves as the network aimed at "hipsters." While previously known for showing indie cult films, IFC is taking the AMC route by focusing more and more on original programming, such as the aforementioned Portlandia and the David Cross-starring vehicle The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret… two shows tailor-made for a rock show attending DJ hipster such as yourself! From AdWeek:

"IFC is about an 'indie' perspective on what's worth watching and doing. An alternative culture," says Jennifer Caserta, general manager in charge of programming at IFC. "Hipster is not always seen as a positive term. It's not about how you dress or whether you're wearing thick glasses." She prefers to think of the network's target viewer as "someone who has a job but DJs on the weekends or loves to go see rock bands." And if you don't fit that description? That's OK. "We're not going to be the widest possible reach mainstream network—that's not what cable does," Caserta says. "But it doesn't concern me."

Thanks for including me as a potential audience member, IFC—even though my turntable skills are kinda wickety-wickety wack. However, since I'm not a DJ, nor a super big fan of rock shows, that may explain why I didn't think this new clip from season two of Portlandia was very funny. (But my skinny jeans are extremely tight... so perhaps it'll grow on me?)