Thor Drake is something of a darling on Portland's motorcycle circuit. Known for his custom restorations, he throws the annual The One Motorcycle Show, and whenever you see a Portland photo shoot or video involving motorcycles, there's a good chance that Drake and his bikes are involved (also welding, as seen in the Red Fang video for "Wires")—we even did a shoot at his old space. He recently opened a new bike/coffee shop called See See Motorcycles at 1642 NE Sandy, and tonight is the grand opening.

Drake is warming up the space with a show of 21 helmets as designed by 21 artists, including E*Rock and Ray Gordon. It's free to check out, and there will be "tons" of PBR for the guzzling. Bonus point if you meet up with your motorbike at 6 pm at Sizzle Pie to ride over. The show runs today and tomorrow, from 5-10 pm.