Bye, Bye, Brandon

Sorry for not posting this earlier, I've had a difficult morning.

News is leaking out that Brandon Roy, the very face of the Portland Trail Blazers franchise, is retiring effective immediately.

This is a shocking (SHOCKING!) decision, especially since the Blazers front office went on record this past Monday stating their deep faith in the former three-time All-Star and his damaged knees. Earlier this week, the Blazers hyped up Roy's return to form and how he's ready to reclaim his role as a starter and NBA star. Sadly, the full extent of Roy's career-killing knee injury has never really been known (until now), but to snuff out such a marvelous career at the age of 27, it's clear that Roy's knees were damaged beyond repair.

For those more concerned with the future of the franchise, Roy's retirement means his salary will be removed from the Blazers' cap at the end of this season. Considering their upcoming crop of free agents (Camby, Oden, Felton, etc.), Portland might be set to be huge buyers in next season's free agent market.

But back to the matter at hand, this is truly a dark day here in Rip City. Roy's beaming charisma, last second heroics, and unparalleled leadership helped resurrect the Blazers franchise. Much of the team's success (both on the court and in fan attendance) from the past few years should be credited to Roy, and his presence will be sorely missed inside the Rose Garden.