Legos are the best toy ever invented. In terms of creative potential, a tub of unsorted Lego bricks is on par with a blank sketchbook. In addition to being fun and stylish, Legos (TM) help architects and designers and...mainly architects I guess.

This wave of Lego nostalgia was brought on by the new book, The Cult of Lego by John Baichtal. The book is a tour of Lego subculture the world over and the strange, brilliant creations from Lego savants. There's Legoland, life-size Legos, Cubedudes, computers made of Legos, Apocalegos, the infamous Lego concentration camp sets, and designs inspired by every science fiction movie ever.

In other Lego related news, the Portland Children's Museum currently has a Lego Castle exhibition up, but you have to bring a child to be able to enter. KIDNAP ONE IMMEDIATELY AND GO.

Obviously there is too much awesomeness in The Cult of Lego to share here so I assembled a sampling of links below the jump.

(Please do not actually kidnap any children. -ed.)

Alien Queen by Jeff Ranjo:


Builder Breann makes crazy monsters:


Mustaneer by Tim Goddard, an Imperial Base from the Star Wars universe (detail):


One of my favorite, short lived iterations was Blacktron. Here is the Blacktron intelligence agency: