Okay. I'm going to put this as nicely as possible. As editor of the Mercury, I have to read A LOT of bullshit opinions. That's okay... it's part of the job. In fact, I've even come to appreciate my staff's inclination toward "contrarianism"—its charming, in a naive, stupid way. That being said, I ALMOST LOST MY SHIT when I read the following sentence from Elinor Jones' otherwise very funny, smart review of New Year's Eve:

Also, New Year's Eve (and Valentine's Day before it) stole this idea from Love Actually, which is a perfect film.

WHAT... THE... FUCK. Now, I can stand Sarah Mirk's incessant prattling about bicycles, and Ned Lannamanamann's weird obsession with the banjo... but wildly inaccurate statements like the one expressed above—ONE THAT IS CLEARLY, CLEARLY SO WRONG—threatens the livelihood of everyone who works at the Mercury. I staunchly believe that everyone has the right to their opinion—BUT I SURE AS SHIT DON'T HAVE TO PAY THEM FOR IT. That's why I was stomping around the room on press night screaming, "I WANT THIS ELINOR JONES PERSON FIRED!!!"

Unsurprisingly the craven, and also often wildly wrong Erik Henriksen asked me to calm down, and put it up for a Blogtown vote. But first, so everyone will know what we're dealing with, here's the trailer for Love Actually. Judge for yourself.

And now... the poll.