Nostalgia Overload: New Dead Memories Portland Calendar


Oh, man! I miss the hell out of Farrell's!
What about the Waddles I-5 duck sign, now replaced by (ugh) Hooters? GLARING OMISSION.
I was pretty damn amazed by Farrell's as a kid. I also miss the hell out of the Pagoda. The food wasn't great, but it was a pretty neat landmark.
Is the old 7-Up sign on Sandy and NE39th in there?
Is the old 7-Up sign on Sandy and NE39th in there?
frankie, click through to the home page and you can see what's in the calendar.

I can't believe I'd forgotten that mural above the old Hamburger Mary's.

I wonder how many kids swallowed tiny plastic animals at Farrell's. If you ever had a "Noah's Ark" there you'll know what I'm talking about. Unless I dreamed it all.
I took my mother-in-law fresh from Japan to eat at the Pagoda on a lark some years ago.
Big Mistake. Awful. The inside had great potential though. Now we got a bank there.
Hadn't seen those Hung Far Low stairs in quite along time.
That 7-Up sign was pointed out to me long ago as one of the treasures of Portland, along with the Wonder Bread sign. I miss it.
I want to play Street Fighter 2 and eat ice cream...oh Farrell's....
They have goats? Tiny Goats?
I may have swallowed a tiny goat.
If they have goats and french fries I can stay all day just staring.
If they have goats then I'm pretty sure they have french fries.