I'm just gonna be bold: last night's Community is my favorite episode ever. I thought it would be hard to top last year's claymation Christmas, but they did it by both making fun of Glee(5,000 points) and including their own original and hilarious song and dance numbers (10,000,000 points). Being a slut for musicals but also a TV snob who has given up on Glee, this story was completely made of win. For most of the episode I just sat with my mouth agape, wondering if this was really happening. And it was.

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So, Greendale's current glee club has been shut down after Jeff's meddling (this after the last glee club was killed in a bus accident) and the Dean tries to get the study group to join up. They rightfully declare themselves above such a lame pursuit, but one by one, they are all drawn into the joy of song, as well as the strong appeal of winning Regionals. They said Regionals more time than Glee did in its 2nd season. Suck it, Glee!

I am so over-the-top impressed by this talented cast. Who knew that all of them (well, except Britta, I guess) could sing?? Annie's song, in which she is a confused sexy Santa, was my favorite, although Troy and Abed's rapping was epic, including the perfect line about crying at Christmas movies like Bond would. Oh, and suckering Pierce into the club with boomer bait. Okay, and every single other second. It was amazing television. I will fight whoever says otherwise.

Parks and Recreation

P&R had a tough act to follow, but Leslie nailed it, as one would expect. Even though she is on suspension, she's way up in everybody's business, showering them with perfect Christmas presents. I would pay money for a Leslie Knope gift, especially that painting of April murdering the Black-Eyed Peas. Or Andy's gold records. (Not Jerry's socks, although I love that he loved that gift. Fucking Jerry. Dork.)

Meanwhile, Leslie organizes some community members to pester the parks department from the outside, and while that story is just to keep Leslie in city hall, it's still cute. And THEN - Leslie gets the bad news that the folks running her campaign have to back out because of the scandal Leslie caused by dating Ben. Sadface! While I haven't been too sure about her political ambitions (because how is it P&R without her in the parks department?) seeing Leslie sad makes me ragey/sad.

BUT THE PARKS DEPARTMENT STEPS IN! Inspired by their fabulous Christmas presents, the team puts together a cloud with Leslie's most-used words (Ann is one of the biggest, making Rashida Jones adorably grin). They make Leslie a graham cracker replica of their office and vow to manage her campaign. Can city workers do that? Whatever. They made Leslie cry happy tears! Oh, and Ron was also adorably emotional! I should write adorable more times in this paragraph. ADORABLE. Show summary done.

Unrelated to everything else, Jean-Ralphio got an appearance. His hair has gone crazy, he talks about getting his b-hole waxed, and he gets a perfect scene where he walks into an accounting office to temp, does an extremely offensive loop around the place, and without missing a beat, accepts getting fired and walks right out. They are going to show that clip at awards shows when Ben Schwartz dies.

The Office

I have not watched this closely enough this season—is Robert California always so date-rapey? He skeezes me out. Dwight and Jim's pranking is pretty tired at this point in the series, but it is still kinda funny. I liked the porcupine in the drawer. I wish I had a porcupine in my drawers. (But not in my drawers. Har har.)


Shut your long face, Whitney. God I hate this show.