Mr. Fine Wine (Via)
  • Mr. Fine Wine (Via)

Alberta Street Public House—Laurel Brauns, Sam Cooper, Anna Fritz, 9:30 pm, $5
Alleyway Cafe & Bar—Company, Old Junior, You, 7 pm
Al's Den—Drew Grow, Bryan Free, Skip vonKuske, 7 pm, free
Ash Street Saloon—The Greatest Rap Show Ever: Cool Nutz, DJ Fatboy, Vursatyl, TxE, Serge Severe, Triple SB, DJ Wicked, Beejan, 9 pm, $10
Backspace—Toyz N Da Hood: DJ Chill, Tragedy 503, Knothead, Public Drunken Sex, Chief Gray, 8 pm, free, all ages
Crystal Ballroom—Portugal. The Man, Nurses, 8 pm, all ages
Doug Fir—Marco Benevento, Fulero & Day, 9 pm, $13-15
East End—Mr. Fine Wine, 5-9 pm, free; Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Cyclotron, Still Caves, 9 pm, $11
Holocene—Buck & Bounce: Sissy Nobby, Beyondadoubt, Brice Nice, 9 pm, $10
Jade Lounge—Jacob Arnold, Mikah Sykes, Nettles, 8 pm
Kelly's Olympian—Future Historians, Hollywood Tans, Johnny Keener, 9 pm, $5
Mississippi Studios—Nucular Aminals, The Reservations, Hey Lover, Your Canvas, 9 pm, free
Plan B—Danava, Rabbits, Lesbian, Diesto, 8 pm
Star Theater—The Dandy Warhols, Hawkeye, 9 pm, $15