He's less grumpy when he's shooting stuff
  • Supergiant Games
  • He's less grumpy when he's shooting stuff

Presumably via witchcraft, developer Supergiant Games has ported its critically beloved action-adventure Bastion to Google Chrome. Yes, Google Chrome the web browser. Even weirder? It works exactly as well as the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game that were released earlier this year to gushing hyperbole and critical fellatio.

You can get full details at the developer's web site as well as instructions on installing the game to your Google-branded web browser. The game's prologue is free of charge, while the full version can be had for $15.

If you can get over the cognitive dissonance of playing a videogame inside a browser usually reserved for kitten macros and pornography, it's fully worth the price of admission.