What Kind of Sociopath Would Remake That Movie?


The book is kind of nihilistic, juvenile, and masturbatory. More than anything, I got the impression that Ellis' hate-boner for all of humanity was butting up against the bottom of his keyboard as he wrote one gore-laced scene after the other.

The movie, though, actually made all that work. The film took a bunch of rage-wanking and actually made it into something coherent and interesting. If it is true to the spirit of Ellis' novel, the remake will be little more than a juvenile fantasy dressed up in a nice suit.
I got a totally different vibe from the book, which was that Bateman is pathetic and all his violence is imagined, and he's actually the butt of everyone else's jokes, the nerd of the circle he runs in. It is, in fact, nihilistic, juvenile and masturbatory, but all that belongs to Bateman rather than the author. The movie was excellent, but told a different story.

That said, if the new movie shows what I thought what the book was about, it will be terrible.
So, novels are getting reboots now like they're comic books?

Even worse, the article says that they've turned in "a script that explores how Bateman would fare in modern-day Gotham."

Since there already was a wretched sequal, they should just call this "American Psycho III: Patrick Bateman Vs. OWS".

This reminds me. I need to get new business cards.
I thought the movie was pretty close to the story. It was a great hate-fuck of a novel...I enjoyed it.