There are many reasons to see Secret Drum Band tomorrow at Backspace and/or Wednesday at Holocene. Not least of which is the lineup that Lisa Schonberg put together for her RACC grant-funded percussion group: Heather Treadway (ex-Explode into Colors), sts (STLS/the Haggard), Rachel Blumberg (M.Ward/Arch Cape), Clea Partridge, Marisa Anderson (Evolutionary Jass Band), and Tara Jane O'Neil. That's, like, two-thirds of Explode Into Colors with a healthy side of additional awesome.

If that weren't enough, Treadway, who's also known for her fashion design, has put together the costumes for the band that will debut last night, and today she sent over some visuals to go with her description of them:

The costumes are variations of my signature capes, batwings, and ripstop nylon pieces like the Kite Vest and Triangulator from past collections. Sixties modern meets Pacific NW raingear meets Portland musician. Is it a $5 poncho or is it couture? My color palette includes muted silver and gold, as well as dark charcoal—playing with the metallic themes that ring throughout Lisa's composition.

This one with the sexy cutouts is my favorite, but click over to MOD to see more.

  • Martin Evans