Today in the I, Anonymous Blog there's a curious post about being sexually aroused by Jesus' yoga pants. (Which I agree are ohhhh-kay, but nothing to get too hot about.) However! There is also someone who is super annoyed with Dan Savage for not immediately answering his sex question—even though Dan receives hundreds of requests per day, and provides a free service. BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT!!

Fuck you Dan Savage. I've written to you 3 times to ask you for help with a serious issue. Do you ever reply? No. Is it sensitive and something I'd like to keep anonymous? Yes. I get that I'm not a gay furry with a horse girl pegging fetish. But I see you answer questions from hetero people all the fucking time.

Hmmm... so for some reason Dan isn't replying? Could it possibly be because of the writer's kind of shitty attitude? OF COURSE NOT! That's why the regular readers of I, Anonymous Blog have graciously agreed (via our Anony-Polling Device) that they will happily answer your serious hetero sexual question for you in the comments! Simply write a new post detailing your problem, we'll publish it, and you'll have an answer probably within minutes! (Will the "answer" be of any real use? Well, it's better than the cold silence you're currently receiving from that monster Dan Savage, right?) GOOD LUCK AND GOOD SEXUAL HEALTH!