I went to the all-night horror marathon at the Hollywood Theatre on Saturday. While I was too much of a cranky toddler to make it all night long, there looked to be quite a few diehards aiming for the long haul when I left. And guess what, guys! The theater was warm and comfy, their new screen looked amazing, and there was ample amounts of pizza, beer, and ice cream. And super-cool locally made movie posters on sale for each of the horror flicks (Day of the Dead, The Burning, The Boxer's Omen, and Pieces). So basically, the Hollywood Theatre be poppin'. They're still working on getting the funds to install the 600 seats that Regal Cinemas donated to them (it costs $50 a seat to get those suckers in there, so by my shaky calculations that's $30,000 to make your butt happier), but once those plush babies are in there, the Hollywood Theatre is going to be damned near perfect. Don't believe? Go see for yourself on Friday, when they're having a free screening of the awesome 1938 Howard Hawks film Bringing up Baby with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant and a leopard. It's a brand-new 35mm print. It's free. Go revel in the Hollywood Theatre's awesomeness humble brag [In between answering all my emails and monitoring all my followers, I was too busy to use "humble brag" in the correct context.]

Bringing up Baby, Fri 7:30 pm, free; Sat & Sun 2 pm, $7

Plus tonight they're showing the only known 35mm print of kung-fu flick Invincible Armour (7:30 pm, $7). Eagle claw!