Whose Ports? Occupy protests shut down Oakland's port yesterday and disrupted business at ports in Long Beach, Houston, and here in Portland.

Random Acts of Violence: Someone lobbed grenades at a bus stop in Belgium, killing four.

God, Meet Science: Scientists are on the hunt for the God particle.

Womp Womp: What if Putin threw a pro-Putin rally and nobody came?

Burqas Aren't Canadian: Women are banned from wearing burqas during Canada's citizenship oath.

Anonymous Hacks Anti-Muslim Group: Someone crashed the website of the anti-Muslim group that pressured Lowe's hardware store to pull out support for ads on the TV show "All American Muslim."

Romney Used to be "Progressive"? A 2002 clip surfaces showing Mitt Romney saying his views are "progressive." Romney deploys his secret weapon: his wife.

Tribeless: Native American tribes are summarily kicking out thousands of members.

Chelsea Clinton Debuts: The former first daughter is now a TV host.

And now the Worst Family Holiday Cards Ever: Get em right here.