My question isn't directly about sex, but about my sibling's hypocrisy. I don't get to see my brother often, but when we do hang out he hits on random girls, almost impulsively. I wouldn't see this as a problem, but at the time of this printing I can't hit on dudes in front of him because he's uncomfortable with acknowledging his brother's homosexuality. What do I say to him so he realizes we're one and the same except for which genitals we prefer?

Equal By Birth

My response after the jump...


It strikes me as odd that a pair of brothers who don't see each other often spend what little time they do have together hitting on randoms. But I suppose you could say this the next time your out with your brother and he attempts to play the discomfort card when you spot a cute boy:

"If I can watch you hitting on icky, icky girls all night, bro, then you should be able to watch me hit on sexy, sexy boys. Breaking news: your brother's a fag, you need to get over it already, and your fag brother doesn't believe in special rights for anyone—he's particularly opposed to special rights for straight-and-ever-so-slightly-homophobic siblings—so he's no longer going to censor himself around you out of some misplaced concern for your comfort. Now see that cute boy over there? You sit here, keep an eye on our beers, and watch me go to work."