Bye, Bye, Crash?
  • Bye, Bye, Crash?

Playoffs? Lottery?

The Portland Trail Blazers want the former, but following last Friday's sudden announcement that Brandon Roy is hanging up the sneakers for good and that Greg Oden is a walking (or, sitting) cadaver, the latter option seems far more likely. The best way to avoid a prolonged slump that propels the Blazers to the bottom of the standings is for the franchise to be proactive and start building for the future now, which looks like Portland might be doing in possibly trading Gerald Wallace for a trio of draft picks. The deal would be part of a multi-team Dwight Howard trade (quit dreaming, he's not coming here), and it would free up more cash for the Blazers to sign coveted free-agent Jamal Crawford. Trading Wallace will also be a gesture to Nicolas Batum, who the Blazers plan on locking up before he can test the free agent waters next season.

If this Wallace trade goes through without the interference of the hand of God (David Stern), the Blazers will have enough money to ink deals with both Crawford and Carl Landry as well. Two excellent players off the bench and three draft picks is a great haul for Wallace, even if he is everyone's favorite Blazer. Also, it gives us an excuse to scream "WHERE THE FUCK IS WALLACE?" every time we walk into the Rose Garden.

Of course, Orlando is unlikely to panic and ship off Howard before the season begins, but stranger things have definitely happened. Regardless of the fate of Wallace, the Blazers are one of three suitors (the New York Knicks and the Sacramento Kings are the other two) remaining in the pursuit of Crawford, a decision he is expected to make by today or tomorrow.