Best. Kiss. Ever. Navy sees first same-sex "homecoming kiss." And it's adorable.

Explosions Rock Baghdad: A wave of coordinated explosions across the city yesterday kill 63 people.

Misfire: US concedes that it mistakenly killed 26 Pakistani soldiers, but say Pakistan fired first.

Propaganda in Hyperdrive: North Korea is promoting the idea that people around the world grieve for their dictator.

Shell's Worst Spill in 10 Years: The oil company spills 40,000 barrels off the coast of Africa.

Today in Horseraces: Romney says he would deport Obama's uncle and a Wisconsin Congressmen comments on Michelle Obama's ass.

Strike! Ron Paul walks out of CNN interview.

Killing Us Softly: The EPA unveils serious new air pollution rules.

Wait. WikiLeaks hero/villain Bradley Manning is transgender?

Hipster Conservatives: Meet the young couple behind ultra-conservative viral videos.

Occupy Lego Set: A great little fake ad for Occupy Wall Street: Lego edition.

Wrestling With Knife-Wielding Flasher: Just another day on the job for Forest Park employees.

Happy New Year! R. Kelly is releasing 32 more chapters of Trapped in the Closet.