Underbelly Bender (Via)
  • Underbelly Bender (Via)

The KnowUnderbelly Bender: And And And, The No Tomorrow Boys, Boom!, 8 pm, $3-5
Dig a Pony—Holiday Happy Hour: DJ Drew Groove, 5 pm
Doug Fir—AgesandAges, Old Light, 1939 Ensemble, 9 pm, $8-10
Kelly's Olympian—Sam Adams, Mojave Bird, Ryan A. Miller, 9 pm, $5
Lola's Room—'80s Video Dance Attack: VJ Kittyrox, 9 pm, $5
Sandy Hut—Eye Candy: VJ Norto, The Phantom Hillbilly, 9 pm, free
The Spare Room—The Paul Brainard Holiday Party, 9 pm
Valentine's—Sex Life DJs, DJ Vision Quest, DJ Stoned Werewolf, 9 pm
The Woods—The Ruby Pines, Worth, Goose & Fox, 9 pm, $7