Giant Caucus! Iowa Republican voters go to the polls today to pick their favorite crazy person. Here are some thoughts from Iowans, some insight from a liberal Iowan, and live results.

Two More Strikes Against Santorum: He's got Rupert Murdoch's Twitter blessing and there's now a gross salad named after him. This one, specifically:

Only One War at a Time: The Pentagon's plan for cutting $450 billion involves fighting only one ground war at a time. But can we contain ourselves?!

Meanwhile: Prison Forever! Why did Obama sign a bill allowing for indefinite detention of terror suspects? Probably something about politics.

Branch Office: The Taliban says it's opening an office in Qatar to hold talks with the US.

Four Day Arson Spree: The man suspected of setting 55 fires in four days in LA has been taken into custody. He has a ponytail.

Shake Up: Earthquakes are no act of God—in Ohio, some were caused by drilling for gas.

Who Controls Stephen Hawking's Voice? An interview with the man who runs Hawking's vocal robot.

Mountain Ew: Mountain Dew's manufacturers claim the soda will dissolve mouse carcasses.

Hooray for Love: Aretha Franklin is engaged.