After discussion at the Mercury and Bus Project OccuPIE event, organizers of Occupy Portland have decided to host more conversations focused on public policy. Coming up on January 27th is a local candidates' forum, but this weekend is the first event, a legislative action forum.

"We see this as kind of a call to action to those less march and camping oriented, but still wanting to get involved," writes Occupy media team member Alex Pio.

On the table: Getting a measure for instant runoff voting in local elections on Portland's ballot in 2012; pushing Portland city hall to support a resolution calling for an end to corporate personhood; advocating to create a state bank; encouraging community gardens; and backing a federal campaign finance reform amendment to the Constitution.

That's a lot to sort through! The discussion is Sunday, January 8 from 3:30-6pm at Project Grow (2124 N Williams).