Our city's most festive collective, Pancake Breakfast, has a new single for this young, new year, and hey! It's about the city where you live!

"PortlandtownUSA" (my spellcheck does not recognize "PortlandtownUSA" as a word—however, my spellcheck also does not recognize the word "spellcheck") is a one-off from Mike Midlo and the Pancakers. ("Pancakers" too? Jesus, spellcheck.) After a hymn-like intro, it turns into a rowdy boot-stomper with folk, country, and mariachi influences. True to the nature of its Portland subject, clouds and rain play starring roles.

The "PortlandtownUSA" single is up on Bandcamp right now and will be available via other digital retailers on January 17. In the meantime, Pancake Breakfast play a release show at downtown jazz club Jimmy Mak's (221 NW 10th) on Friday, January 13 and then embark on a national tour, where presumably Midlo will, nightly, be singing this song that's about wanting to come home.

End Hits: Let the rain fall down.