Fighting Games: Like Chess, except the pawns are raccoons and chauvinistic photographers.
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  • Fighting Games: Like Chess, except the pawns are raccoons and chauvinistic photographers.

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Can you keep a secret? No, of course you can't, but I don't care. I'll tell you anyway. I love fighting games!

What, you thought it was just luck of the draw that every new Capcom fighter gets its own review in the paper? Naw. It's totally me abusing what little power I have. They won't give me a desk, so slanting coverage toward my personal interests is my only real joy here.

Thus, it's only fitting that I likewise promote Portland's surprisingly robust fighting game scene. These games are meant to be played competitively, and nowhere is that more evident than in a room full of dudes who all own $100+ custom fighting sticks and can off-hand tell you how many frames of animation are in Iori's Yatagarasu.

Specifically, I'm talking about Best Bout Gaming's tournament this Saturday. Appropriately dubbed "Best Bout Beatdown 8," the event kicks off at 1PM and features the top modern fighting games (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, King of Fighters XIII, Mortal Kombat 9, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition and the latest iteration of Super Street Fighter IV), cash prizes for the winners and, most crucially, a chance for you to support the local fighting game scene.

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California has a huge fighting game scene. New York too. You don't want Portland to fall behind those jerks, right? It took twenty years for us to crawl out of Seattle's shadow and I'll be damned if we aren't going to fight tooth and nail for our cultural relevancy throne.

Full details on the tournament can be found at the event's official Facebook page. Yes, there's a $5 entry fee for competitors (spectators are free), but don't think of that cash as wasted. Think of it as an investment in local business.