A Short North Williams Story


Like when New Seasons displaced low income housing in North Portland with one of it's stores and moved the residents into the food desert known as outter East Portland? Sure, it's good for people. Rich white people!
OregonTina - which New Seasons are you speaking of? The one on Interstate and Portland BLVD? I would point out that the building that was on that corner was just a warehouse where armored cars were stored overnight. It wasn't residential prior to New Seasons building there. That is the only New Seasons in North, so I'm confused about your statement.
Its another gentrification bomb on the neighborhood. That fact isn't lost on the people living there. However, what do you want to do? Not build the grocery store that folks have been asking for for the past 20+ years? The key to this will be the 'without displacement' part of the idea 'gentrification without displacement'. I feel like this idea is there but action is not
Cue the chorus of assholes who want to whine about gentrification in 3, 2, oh, shit, already started.

As a black man who earns enough to live in the neighborhood of choice, OregonTina and those like her should learn to shut the fuck up and notice that nothing stays the same forever. No one gets turned away from buying or leasing property in North Portland. Stop equating my skin color with poverty.
Another note to the "gentrification" morons - the plan INCLUDES low income housing on the site.

Would you rather it stay a garbage filled field for another 20 years?
D, thank you so much for calling me a moron! So you're ok with New Seasons building grocery stores for rich white people and moving the low income minorities into food deserts? Further segregating the poor away from the city center? Ok then. If that's the passionate stance you want to take ha!
Dieselboy my bad, I meant NE Portland!
There's a Whole Foods, New Seasons, Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Cherry Sprout produce all pretty close to that location. Also the farmer's market in Overlook Park in season. You can even take the Max to the Freddies and New Seasons. More jobs will benefit the neighborhood though.

The only question now is do I spend my $10 on two bottles of Kombucha at New Seasons or buy a baggie across the street?
All you foolios will be shopping at NS later this week. This neighbor hood needs a grocery store would you rather a wal-mart moved in? At least NS treats their employees to a living wage and benefits.
I would prefer a cheaper store like Fred Meyers or something people can afford. Maybe New Seasons can lower their prices or offer cheaper alternatives, if they want to be such a great local, community based, blah blah etc. Show us you really do care about folks in the community and just aren't preying on them.

Why in the hell do you keep acting like YOUNG BLACK people can't have money? Rising property costs drive out those WHO CAN'T AFFORD the prices, not those of a certain age or skin color.

You're a racist honey, and it's only mildly cute that you don't seem to know that.
This building started out as a "Log Cabin" bakery. They were in major cities on the west coast.
I knew this was somehow white peoples' fault.
Western Family is a generic, cheaper alternative that also happens to be local and appears on almost every New Seasons shelf. When I moved to the Eliot neighborhood and away from a Fred Meyer, I was able to maintain the same food budget shopping at the Interstate New Seasons. There are some things that yes, are quite a bit more expensive, like the meat. But at least I know I won't get mad cow's disease. Or fill my body with unnecessary antibiotics. And I'm supporting a local farmer and a local economy. I just don't buy meat as often. It's lazy to cast the cost stereotype on New Seasons, when they are just offering an alternative to the large chain grocery store. It is also not fair to blame them for a systemic problem (concentrated poverty and displacement) that is the City's responsibility. New Seasons raises significant money and spends significant time supporting the communities where they locate. I wholeheartedly believe that we should be doing more about displacement in areas experiencing reinvestment. I also wholeheartedly support a New Seasons in my neighborhood. I don't want to live in a city that doesn't believe that good grocery stores (that offer healthy alternatives) should be available to everyone.
Is this the class war I keep hearing about on the radio?
So, New Seasons good, bike lanes bad?
I don't care about any of that other than I want one of those jobs, and you "NoPo" dwelling hipster wankers better get out of my way. Oh, and have a nice day
According to Google Maps there are 3 Safeway stores within 1.1 miles of the location of the new New Seasons, and a Fred Meyer's w/in 2 miles. I'm not sure how the "there's not a grocery store in the area" argument holds up. It's almost like campaigning to build another Starbucks because your latte gets cold before you walk passed another one.
I grew up off Fremont 1982-1996. My verdict on gentrification? Don't blame the people moving in, just give the people staying there a chance to stay via rent and property tax controls, and treat everyone by the same standard.