So here's something the Mercury and the Hollywood Theatre have been working on for a while. You should come to it!


Usually people who text in movie theaters deserve to be taken out back and shot, but with Hecklevision—yet another event in the "The Mercury's Winter of Fun™" series!—we're gonna try something different: Everyone sitting in the theater will be able to text a certain number, and as soon as they hit "send," their text will instantly pop up on the bottom of the movie screen. This means two things:

(1) You get to watch one of the greatest motion pictures of all time, John Millius’ batshit-crazy epic Red Dawn:

(2) As Red Dawn plays, you can read pop-up commentary from Mercury writers, Blogtown commenters, and anyone in the theater who thinks they have something funny or brilliant or brilliantly funny to add. (I'm pretty sure this part's gonna be great, but yes, we can, and totally will, block peoples' texts if they're just being annoying. So DamosA doesn't even need to bother bringing his phone.)

Anyway, we're pretty stoked about it (WOLVERINES!), and we've already got a great lineup of people who'll be there and texting, and there'll be beer, and also, motherfucking Red Dawn, so see you there. It all goes down on Friday, January 20 at 7:30 pm at the Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy). Tickets are $7 (a bargain!) and you can get them here.

haha jk DamosA please don't murder me