Thanks to everybody who attended Skate-a-Roke at Oaks Park last night (our first event in the Mercury's Winter of Fun™ series)! It was a stone cold gas, and raised tons of moolah-lah for our Rose City Rollers! The rink was jam packed with tons of hot, sexy skaters (and some kids, too... one of whom sang this song. Mmmm... inappropriate? BUT FUNNY AND ADORBZ!), plus everybody sang great, and picked spot-on perfect roller skating songs! AND! Out of the roughly 350 people who attended, only two people had to be carted off the floor in a wheelchair, which is probably a new record low for a Mercury event. (Get better soon, Mercury production apprentice Shannon!!)

I'll post some pics of last night's Skate-a-Roke fashion after the jump, but first, here's the KGW segment in which we were interviewed at the very beginning of the night, and I VERY NEARLY BUSTED MY ASS ON LIVE TV. At least I would have went down looking fantastic. As I mentioned before, JEAN SHORTS!

Courtesy KGW

Again, thanx to everybody who came out, and if you missed it? Don't cry, boo-hoo baby! We're planning another Skate-a-Roke event coming very soon! Now here are those fashion pics I promised.