John Waters' unholy trashtastic Female Trouble (1974) is playing at the Fifth Ave Cinema (510 SW Hall) this weekend in 35mm glory. I was refreshing my memory about it yesterday, reading quotes from it, and remembering how awesome Divine was in it. She's just such a Trashy Cathy, playing the rebellious and furious Dawn Davenport to perfection. The scenes where she throws a royal conniption over not getting cha-cha heels for Christmas and her turn as a go-go girl are freaking hysterical. I think this quote from the New York Times sums it up nicely, "A hilariously appalling film, Female Trouble is just as disgusting and far funnier than Waters' previous film Pink Flamingos, if not as notorious." See ya there—I'll be the one shooting up liquid eyeliner in the back row.

Fri-Sat 7 & 9:30 pm
Sun 3 pm
$3 (free for PSU students)