I watched When Mitt Romney Came to Town last night.

It's pretty devastating, but the thing that most caught my attention was the first state the attack-film zooms in on: Florida, where Romney's company took over an industrial washing machine company and, 400 slashed jobs later, sold the company to Canadians for a 230 percent profit.

Those 400 slashed jobs are just the ones lost in Florida as a result of the washing machine company deal. The film also notes 300 jobs lost in Kentucky and 130 lost in Ohio as part of Romney's takeover/sale.

Next we go to Indiana—different company bought by Bain, same story of slashed jobs and profitable sale (told through heartbreaking interviews with hard-luck Americans who are such perfect pictures of screwed-over-by-Bain-ness that it gets almost comical at points).

But back to the eye-catching state names: Florida, Indiana, and Ohio are states you really want to win if you're running for president, and part of what's so devastating about this film is that it shows how easy it would be to present Romney as a job-killing vulture capitalist who specifically targeted those states for pain-creating profit. Just re-interview the people in this film from Ohio, Indiana, and Florida, cut some short, state-specific commercials, and off you go.

Oh, and at its close the film notes:


So, basically, the possibilities—and the potential state-tailored ad buys—are endless. And the potential damage to Romney's electoral math is tremendous.