Marines Urinated on Dead Taliban Fighters: A seriously unfortunate video of what appears to be four Marines peeing on the dead hits the web.

...but Peace Talks Move Forward. Despite the urination, the Taliban and the US will talk things over.

Covert Attacks on the Rise in Iran: Who's assassinating nuclear scientists in Iran?

Mexico Glad Drug Murders Only Increased 11 Percent... because in previous years, murders shot up as much as 110 percent. Yikes.

Mississippi Gov Issues Mass Pardon: The lame duck Democrat Republican uses his last week to pardon 200 inmates... only slightly in violation of the state constitution.

Rolling in Dough: While the nation focuses on the Republican debates, Obama has raised $68 million.

Class War! Survey finds class tensions rising in the US.

Speaking of Class War, what happened to that homeless man with the golden voice?

Hooray for Trees: NASA releases a map of all the trees in the US. Oregon's got a lot of "aboveground woody biomass."