Stephen Colbert plans on making a "major announcement" tonight on his show—probably that he will indeed RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. From TPM:

Colbert is actually polling ahead of Jon Huntsman in a hypothetical South Carolina race, according to a recent PPP Poll. Colbert apologized to the former Utah governor, who Colbert earlier gave an endorsement. “I guess the Colbert bump reflected off of you and bounced back to me,” Colbert said. “That happens in the rare instances when my guests are whiter than I am.”

So Colbert put the question to the audience: Should he run for president? The crowd, not surprisingly, responded with resounding applause. “I hear what I’m asking you to say,” Colbert said. “But that’s a really big decision. First, I need to pray on it. … Okay, god’s good with it. But obviously I still have to go home, sit down and talk it over with my money.

Mitt was one thing... but if Colbert gets the nomination? Dan Savage will have to think quick to equate his name with a disgusting sexual practice!