Speaking of "sex robots"... this guy was not exactly dating a sex robot. HOWEVER! He was dating a girl who carried on an obsessive relationship with her phone. So that's kind of like a sex robot, right? Without the sex? Oh, forget it. Here's the quote:

We had a really good thing going on, but your incessant, obsessive, dependent connection to your digital life was a deal breaker.
I understand that your texts/status/connections are important to you. I respect that. But when we’re together it feels devaluating.

Fuck a robot that devaluates you. I don't care how good they are at sexing. I will not be devaluated!! (However, devaluating people on the I, Anonymous blog is generally okay, if you don't identify them, and you aren't too much of a dick about it. Give it a shot! Again, that's the I, Anonymous Blog: It's self-devaluating.)